The energy expert platform was founded to improve the efficiency of existing energy consumption, as well as to investigate the use of renewable energy within the ALTANA organization.

The objectives of this platform are –
(1) To evaluate the consumption of energy and the resulting emissions, by analyzing certain process parameters at the variety of ALTANA sites.
(2) To discover energy and emission reducing potential and to suggest and to support saving projects resulting from this evaluation.

The topics most relevant to this evaluation are
(1) Energy consumption, in particular the cooling and heating demands of production processes and buildings.
(2) The detection of waste energy, and the potential to capture and reuse it in order to replace or minimize existing or new thermal energy requirements. 

A software-aided method, the “Pinch Analysis”, is being used to define and to document heating and cooling streams, to suggest heat-exchanging devices including the calculation of their sizes, costs and payback periods.  

The energy platform will also be available to train and coach individuals at the ALTANA sites interested in using this software, to enable them to analyze and to improve new or existing thermal processes. In addition, the platform will continue to share experiences and best practices within ALTANA regarding the efficient use of electric energy.

The company is certificated as Cleaner Production Enterprise of Guangdong Province with Cleaner Production Management system implementation.