Air-condition Compressors

Air-condition Compressors is core component of air condition. Directly affect the service life of air condition. To keep these machines running well, they depend on a proven electrical insulation system. The system provides protection from Freon chemicals and moisture.

Product Summary

ELANTAS Zhuhai resins have long been the first choice by the refrigeration com-pressor industry. Along with its excellent Freon resistance, it is impervious to most harsh chemical environments. It will require a proven electrical system for your investment.

Solutions For

  • UL Recognition
  • Extended Service Life
  • Freon Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance
  • Fix Coils

Product Characteristics at a Glance

ProductResinUnique CharacteristicsViscosity @25°C,mPa·sCure ScheduleFreon-resistant(MW35wire) Thermal Class
PED 923EPOXY RESINLong been the choice by the refriger-ation compressor industry for the impregnation of all types of compres-sors . Along with its excellent re-sistance to refrigerants, it is impervi-ous to harsh chemical environments. Available in various solid content versions.900 -2000DIP
2-7 hours @150°-170°C
EM GRC 59-50WATERBORNE EPOXY RESINNo VOC epoxy emulsion for motors impregnation with high bond strength and excellent electrical properties. Available in various non-volatile con-tent versions. This material exhibits superb chemical resistance in harsh environments.600-2000

2-6 hours @150-165 °C

ELAN-GUARD EM 59-60MREPOXYNo VOC water based epoxy emulsion with high bond strength and excellent electrical properties. This material exhibits superb chemical resistance in harsh enviroments. Available in various non-volatile content versions from 10-60%100-1000cpsRoll Dip/Dip/Trickle
2-6 hours
E3500EPOXY RESINSingle component, low viscosity epoxy, high solids insulating resin and offers excellent Freon resistance and high bond strength. The high solid content ensures compliance with most air quality regulations.300 - 600

3-6 hours @170°C


For more information ask for our technical data sheets.