Large motors & Generators

The motors is very important in the operation of machines employed in various industries. Since a company's performance and profitability depend on the efficiency and reliability of these machines, protection of the motors is the key. To keep these machines running like new, they depend on a proven electrical insulation system. The system provides protection from temperature changes, chemicals and moisture.

Product Summary

ELANTAS Zhuhai has various products to meet the requirements of large motor customers with long service history.
Epoxy resin has excellent resistance to chemicals. The unsaturated polyester resins has excellent penetration, good bondstrength. Water epoxy emulsions are environmental friendly resin with excellent bond strength and electrical properties.

Solutions For

  • Reducing Emissions
  • UL Recognition
  • Medium Voltage Applications
  • High Voltage Applications
  • Severe Duty Applications
  • Difficult Impregnat

Product Characteristics at a Glance

ProductBase ResinUnique CharacteristicsViscosity @25°C,mPa·sCure ScheduleApplication MethodThermal Class
EPOXYLITE 006-0841EPOXY RESINSingle component and solventless, low viscosity resin with excellent tank stability specifically designed for the harsh environments.650-8006-12  hours @165°CDIP180°C
Dobeckan® FT1052UNSATURATED POLYESTERIMIDETwo components system , a tough hard cured material with very good mechanical and dielectric properties. It has very good long term thermal capacity and high bonding strength of windings impregnated . The cured material also displays very high resistance to tropical influences, solvents and their vapours, oil, and other chemicals.490-550 @ 23°C2-4 hours
EPOXYLITE 478 THIXO VPI RESINEPOXY RESINSingle component, low viscosity, high thixotropic, low emission.1500-30003 hours @150°CVPI180°C
EPOXYLITE 5070EPOXY RESINSingle component, low viscosity, good penetration and high film build, the system is suitable for machines designed for use in hostile environments.4000-70004-6hours
EPOXYLITE 213 PFEPOXY RESINTwo component, filled, chemically resistant, good wettability, heat/ambient curable epoxy resin system. Available in red version.225-37524hours@25°C
1 hour@100°C
E300EPOXY RESINSingle component, high thixotropic, filled, solventless, high bond strength.90000-1200002 hours @150°CBRUSH180°C
EM GRC59EPOXY EMULSIONNo VOC water based epoxy emulsion with high bond strength and excellent electrical properties. This material exhibits superb chemical resistance in harsh environments. Available in various non-volatile content versions from 10-50%.600-20002-6 hours
073-1010SOLVENTED ALKYD VARNISHGive a very good surface build in conjunction with excellent penetration and combines flexibility with good bond strength. It exhibits excellent chemical and water resistance.135-155s @ 21°C, B4 cup4-6 hours
009-0008ALKYD VARNISHSingle-component, fast air drying, anti-tracking, fungicidal varnish. Available in different color version100-125s @ 21°C, B4 cup45-60 minutes
15-20 minutes
PED 50S PRE-CAT POLYESTERUNSATURATED POLYESTERThe advantages of thisns. system are that it has low viscosity coupled with fast cure times for ultimate impregnation coupled with good cured resiliency to reduce noise in motor operation.90-1302-6 hours
Dobeckan® FT 1040UNSATURATED POLYESTERIMIDETwo components system with excellent high temperature bond strength. The cured material displays very high resistance to tropical influences, solvents , oil, and other chemicals.110-130 cps @ 23°C2-4 hours
Ranvar R2003UNSATURATED POLYESTERIt exhibits good tank stability coupled with good bond strength, low shrinkage and chemical / moisture resistance.350-6502-4 hours
Dobeckan® MF 8044UNSATURATED POLYESTERIMIDESingle component, low emissions, good penetration, excellent heat resistance ,strong centrifugal force. Available in UV curing version.6500-750040 minutes
Dobeckan® FT 2015UNSATURATED POLYESTERIMIDESingle component, low odor, high bonding strength ,the cured material displays very high resistance to tropical influences, solvents , oil, and other chemicals. Available in high thixotrophy version.85-95s @ DIN 4#,23°C2-6 hours
Elan-protect® UP 142UNSATURATED POLYESTERIMIDESingle component, high thixotropic, good penetration ,low emissions, excellent heat resistance ,strong centrifugal force. Available in high thixotrophy and UV curing versions.900-15002hours@150°C

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