Materials for Electronic Protection

In today’s digitized and highly technologized world, electronic products dominate our daily life. Regardless if it’s a smartphone, safety devices in cars or power tools– everything is driven by or controlled with electronic products, and we highly rely on them to make life comfortable and functional.

Reliability and safety performance of electronic devices is most important and expected. Therefore, all electronic components are protected against harsh environments (e.g., humidity and mechanical influences) and are insulated to avoid short circuit. Failure due to overheating is prevented by means of thermal interface materials.

ELANTAS is providing a portfolio of protective and insulating materials for electronic components. In 8 manufacturing sites globally ELANTAS manufactures a wide range of conformal coatings, encapsulation, casting and potting materials, adhesives and thermal interface materials according to local requirements and global standards. We offer a chemical set-up comprising Epoxy, Polyurethane, Silicone, Alkyds and Acrylic Resins for various applications such as spray, dip or dam and fill.  Our technology portfolio comprises systems of all curing mechanisms (e.g., UV, thermal, humidity, oxidation cure), and the well-established brands like BECTRON® and CONAP® are qualified according to major industry specs (IPC, IEC, MIL, UL).

Around the globe we have an established network of technical sales representatives as well as application labs that can assist customers with all questions regarding products and applications.

Please find more details on the respective ELANTAS Electronic qualities for your region on the pages of the related ELANTAS subsidiary.

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