Printed Electronic Products

Printed Electronics (PE) is related to organic electronics or plastic electronics where one or more inks are composed of carbon-based compounds.

Printed Electronics includes organic semiconductors, inorganic semiconductors, metallic conductors, nanoparticles, nanotubes, etc. Common markets include conventional electronics, hybrid electronics, smart surfaces and organic electronics with typical applications such as membrane switches, antennas, in-mold electronics (IME) and flexible display backplanes.


Flexible Substrates, Functional Inks, and More

Printing on flexible substrates allows electronics to be placed on curved surfaces.  Printed electronics allows the use of flexible substrates, which lowers production costs and allows fabrication of mechanically flexible circuits.  While inkjet and screen printing typically imprint rigid substrates like glass and silicon, mass-printing methods nearly exclusively use flexible substrates.  The ELAN-Film® insulation products provide many advantages over other high temperature flexible substrates including surface quality, ink adhesion, temperature stability and low shrink.

Ink materials must be available in liquid form, for solution, dispersion or suspension.  They must function as conductors, semiconductors, dielectrics or insulators.  Material costs must be fit for the application.

Material properties largely determine the differences between printed and conventional electronics.  Printable materials provide decisive advantages beside printability, such as mechanical flexibility and functional adjustment by chemical modification.

Our portfolio includes conductive, insulating and functional screen printing inks for applications such as membrane switches, touch surfaces, in-mold electronics, hybrid electronics, sensors, RFID antennas and electroluminescent lighting.

Discover the superior performance and processing of our functional inks. We offer special formulations, printing tests and characterization in our laboratory according to your specifications (application, layout and substrate). Our technical team would be pleased to support you on site.

Product Highlights

Flexible Substrates

  • Composite film structures
  • High temperature applications
  • Superior surface quality (less ink required)
  • Excellent ink adhesion
  • Thermal stability with low shrink

Conductive Silver Inks

  • Based on solvents or UV-curable and VOC-free
  • Fast processing
  • Good adhesion to glass, paper and various films such as PET or PC
  • Highly flexible films
  • Thermoformable
  • Easy to clean

Conductive Carbon Inks

  • Fast processing
  • Based on solvents
  • Good adhesion to glass, paper and various films such as PET or PC
  • Highly flexible films
  • Easy to clean

Insulating Inks

Transparent or colored

  • Fast processing
  • UV-curable and VOC-free
  • Good adhesion to glass, paper and various films such as PET or PC
  • Flexible films
  • Easy to clean

Luminescent Inks

Electroluminescent UV system

  • Fast processing and mainly VOC-free
  • Good adhesion to PEDOT, ITO, paper and various films such as PET or PC
  • Available colors: green, blue and cyan
  • Improved light outcoupling

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