For ELANTAS PDG, Inc., environmental protection and workplace safety are fundamental corporate objectives equal in status to the achievement of economic targets.

Objectives and Principles

In our Objectives and Principles we state:

We aim to act on our own responsibility to ensure that our products and working methods do not harm people or the environment.

The need to strive for economic success must not under any circumstances prevent action in this direction which is prescribed by law or which we consider to be important.

We want to create secure jobs and good working conditions for our employees.

To this end ELANTAS PDG, Inc. has defined group-wide environmental and safety standards. These standards are based mainly on the Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry.

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. attaches great importance to uniform, group-wide compliance with environmental and safety standards. To this end all companies and subsidiaries worldwide are committed to comply with the general principles contained in our Principles and Objectives and those arising from the Responsible Care initiative.

Responsible Care

ELANTAS PDG, Inc. works with our customers and Governmental regulatory bodies to meet the most stringent requirements of federal, state and city regulations. These activities act as a guide in the development, marketing and servicing of environmentally responsible products to our industry.

ELANTAS PDG, Inc., as with with all ALTANA locations worldwide, is committed to compliance with the following principles of the chemical industry's "Responsible Care" initiative:

  • ELANTAS PDG, Inc. considers safety and the protection of health and environment to be fundamental concerns. This is why group management has formulated Environmental Policy Guidelines. They are reviewed on a regular basis for continuing relevance according to new requirements. Procedures for effectively implementing these policies at an operational level are set down in specific regional directives.
  • We provide instruction, education and continuing training for all employees to encourage their personal sense of responsibility for the environment and to raise their awareness of potential environmental impacts due to our products and the operation of our plants.
  • We respond frankly and constructively to society's questions and concerns about our products and operations.
  • We, to protect the welfare of our employees, neighbors, customers, consumers and the environment, make constant efforts to reduce the hazards and risks arising from the manufacture, storage, transportation, marketing, use, recycling and disposal of our products. We take health, safety and environmental aspects into account at the beginning of the development stage of new products and production processes.
  • We assist our customers and partners to transport, store, use, recycle and dispose of our products safely. We provide them with information and, where necessary, with training on correct handling of our products.
  • We work constantly to expand our knowledge of potential impacts of products, production processes and wastes on society and the environment.
  • We will regardless of commercial interests, restrict or discontinue the commercialization and manufacture of products if the results of a risk assessment shows that this action is necessary to safeguard personal health or the environment. We will inform the public comprehensively about such issues.
  • We will in the event of any health or environmental hazards arising as a result of our operations take appropriate action, work in close cooperation with the authorities and immediately inform the public.
  • We actively make our expertise and experience available to help devise realistic and effective laws, regulations and standards to protect society and the environment.
  • ELANTAS PDG, Inc. actively supports the principles of Responsible Care. In particular, we work to promote an open exchange of information and experience with interested and affected parties.

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