ELANTAS Beck India Ltd, manufacturer of speciality chemicals is committed to continually improve its customer satisfaction, environment, health and safety performance and comply with all its legal obligations. It is the responsibility of both management and its employees to achieve a high level of QEHS performance through instituting adequate processes and measurement systems.

In pursuit of our belief and commitment, we shall strive to:

  • Incorporate  QEHS  considerations  at  all  key  stages  of  our  business operations
  • Achieve consistent quality of our products and services
  • Conserve natural resources and protect the environment
  • Provide all employees with a safe and healthy workplace by implementing measures to prevent work related injury and ill health
  • Provide our employees, distributors and customers with the information necessary to handle and manage our products safely and thereby reduce hazards and OH&S risks
  • Increase employees and contractors awareness of this policy and provide necessary training for improving QEHS performance
  • Build a strong culture of team work through consultation and participation