Wire Enamels

ELANTAS Europe manufactures high-performance enamels for use as magnet wire coatings. They are coated on the surface of copper or aluminium wires and cured to form an electrical insulation film. Magnet wire enamels, in general, consist of polymeric resins dissolved in organic solvents. Apart from the basic electrical insulation requirement, this means depending on the end-use application wire enamels provide high thermal and mechanical stability, flexibility, moisture resistance, and long service life of the insulation.

Wire enamels are used where an electrical insulation of windings is necessary. The main end use application areas are transportation, automotive, household appliances, motors, transformers, industrial electronics or power generation.

Our chemistries include Polyesterimide (PEI), THEIC modified Polyester (PE), Polyamideimide (PAI), Polyamide (PA), Polyurethanes (PU), Special Products.
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Our wire enamels are recommended for horizontal oven and vertical oven applications.
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