Casting & Potting Materials

ELANTAS Malaysia, we offer a wide product range of Casting & Potting materials for a wide range of applications, which meet highest environmental demands.

ELANTAS Malaysia, we offer a wide product range of Casting & Potting materials for Light Electrical & Heavy Electrical machines operated in aggressive environment and cover a broad spectrum of mechanical, electrical and self-extinguishing properties. On top of that, part of our product range offered also specially designed for the protection of electronic devices.

Light Electrical applications included:

  • Low Voltage components: EMI, RFI, Filters, Capacitors, Relays, Resistors, etc.
  • Low Voltage Transformer
  • Low Voltage Motors: encapsulated stators, inductive pumps, submersible pumps
  • Magnets: thermal high stressed lifting magnets and coils (brakes, etc.)
  • Ignition coils: 4 wheeler & 2 wheeler

Heavy Electrical applications included:

  • Medium/High Voltage Transformer: dry type power transformer, instrument transformer for current (TA) and voltage (TV)
  • Medium/High Voltage motors
  • Insulators and Bushings
  • Pultruded bars for insulators

Many of our products are recognized according to UL 94 (and other UL standards such as UL 746B). Some materials are additionally certify for the use in railway applications (EN 45545 or NF F 16-101)
Additionally, Potting for Electronics Protection are offering base chemistry below:

  • Epoxy
  • Polyurethane
  • Polybutadiene
  • Silicone
  • Thermoplastic hot melt resin

As a whole, we offered epoxy, polyurethane, polybutadiene, thermoplastic hot melt resin and silicone casting and potting compound, which is room temperature or heat curable depending on the process requirements.
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